The Cleaning Supplies We Trust

It is important to use high-quality cleaning supplies that are not only effective at removing dirt and sanitizing surfaces but are also safe for humans and eco-friendly. Using trusted brands can ensure the best cleaning results while being mindful of your health and the environment.

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NOTE: We never recommend what we don’t use and are happy with.

Effectively cleans and kills bacteria on many hard-sealed surfaces like glass and mirrors, granite (sealed), marble (sealed), stainless steel, electronics, and more. Gentle formula without harsh chemicals leaves behind the citrus scent of a freshly-cleaned and beautiful home.

Treat your old and good wooden furniture with this polisher that shines and protects its surfaces. It improves their appearance by removing dust and fingerprints and providing a protective, glossy coating, without leaving a waxy buildup. Provides a streak-free, shine to keep your special surfaces looking their best. Convenient aerosol leaves a crisp and fresh lemon scent.

Biodegradable, phosphate-free natural soap concentrate for finished wood and other household surfaces (no-wax floors, ceramic tiles, and painted areas) Cleans wood surfaces safely and brings out their natural beauty. Leaves no residue. Dilute with water.

Best for use on all types of wood furniture, cabinets, trim, and doors. Spray Wood Care on a cloth, spread evenly on the wood surface then remove any excess with a clean cloth. This time-tested wood care is an almond-scented. Can be used as a lubricant for squeaky hinges, household fans, bicycle chains, swivel chairs, nuts and bolts, sliding door tracks, and garden hand tools. Scott’s Liquid Gold Wood Care has been trusted to care for real wood since 1951. 

No ammonia, clean fresh fragrance, streak less – leaves no residue, great for mirrors, windows, and oem-tinted windows, safe for plasma & LCD TVs, computer screens, and much more.

This water-based cleaning formula dries fast, is residue-free, and is safe for people, pets, and the planet. Safe for all unwaxed, unoiled, polyurethane-finished wood floors. When the spray bottle is empty order Bona Hardwood Bottle Refill.

The surface-safe adhesive remover Goo Gone cleans all goo without harming your surface. From removing glue and labels, erasing scuff, and eliminating tar and crayon drawings this formula restores everything. Great for teachers and parents: try it on stickers, wax, markers, and much more. Perfect for collectors and thrifters: removes price stickers from gifts, smudges from wine glasses, clothing, used video games, and other treasures leaving their fragile shells intact. Very useful for final detailing after remodeling projects.

These Duster Refills are uniquely designed to TRAP & LOCK dust from even the tight spaces in your home. Compatible with all Swiffer Sweeper Mops or  Swiffer Dusters Extenders.

These dry, textured cloths will conform to the surface of your floors and grout lines to TRAP & LOCK dirt, dust, hair & allergens. They are also great for picking up pet hair. Can be used on all floor types – hardwood, tile, or vinyl. Use with Swiffer Sweeper Mop


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