Great Touch Cleaning, Inc.

Let us help you shine!

Great Touch Cleaning teams look for effective cleaning and organizing solutions to help you live and thrive. The health benefits of clean spaces are clear: lower stress and fatigue reduced allergy and asthma symptoms and lessen the spread of germs. It also helps to keep up with the demands of a productive office or busy family.

Leave the dust to us.

Clean is healthy and safe, and cleaning is essential service, so we are open for business in most instances. Busy days or holiday parties, arranging an office or a family gathering, flu season, moving time – whatever life throws at you - the Great Touch Cleaning Inc. teams are ready to help.

Based on our years of experience with different vacuum brands and models we have prepared a Vacuum Cleaners Review and recommendations. Your final choice among these models would depend on individual preferences, such as: desire for a bagless system, need for pet hair removal or professional grade features.

Time spent selecting and organizing holiday decorations is the key to a future stress-free celebration. Don’t let clutter steal your energy and joy! We prepared for you some organizing tips and recommendations for using elegant, stackable, and foldable storage bins in the process.

Everyone is trying to figure out what the “new normal” and cope with it. We can ease your back to work transition. Some of the new standards that Great Touch Cleaning Service, Inc. already applied are:

Public health officials have stressed the importance of maintaining clean and sanitized premises to eliminate contamination spread, reduce stress, and therefore improve health. So, what does this mean for a cleaning service? Along with electricians, plumbers and other “critical trades”, cleaning, in many cases, is still considered an essential service.

As the Home Cleaning Professionals, we prepared for you Room by Room Cleaning List and Schedule. Read it carefully, sign up for multiple chores on the list, and present your MOM this Mother’s Day with a cleaning plan she will love!