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Is the End-of-the-Year Cleaning important?

Year End Cleaning

We think it’s a good idea.

It feels great to welcome the New Year with less clutter and more space for new plans and projects. As we check our closets for warmer outfits and holiday décor it is also an excellent opportunity to spend extra time cleaning places in your home that are usually overlooked:

  • top shelves (often that’s where the mittens and gloves are hiding)
  • depths of kitchen drawers (who knew there were so many cookie cutters?)
  • storage areas (the holiday ornaments might be there)
  • ventilation fans (did you notice that there is always more dust after you turn on the heat?)

All these go untouched throughout the summer and have certainly gathered some dust. Clean is healthy – so the dust needs to go!

There are good reasons for the year-end cleaning:

It reduces stress.
That’s right!  Clutter can contribute to stress and anxiety. Having an unorganized environment disrupts your focus and causes frustration. The sight of too many visual distractions reduces your brain’s working memory. So, to help you focus keep your home organized.  If you’d like to learn about 5 easy routines that remove clutter please visit our previous blog: Clutter Cleanup.

It reduces the risk of getting sick.
Germs and bacteria thrive in dust and mold.  Cleaning corners that are usually unreached, will remove the buildup of particles that could become breeding grounds for many airborne diseases.  Cleaning the ventilation fans, as I mentioned before, and the air ducts, will remove much of the dust and therefore improve the air quality in your house. 

It saves money.
It is good to check your closets before going for winter and holiday shopping. You’d be surprised how many items there are forgotten – and yet still good to be used this season. So before you hit the stores to gather new gloves, hats and ornaments take inventory of what is already there.

Are you overwhelmed by other tasks of the Season?

Our Cleaning Teams will be glad to help!
Having a busy schedule does not have to hinder completing a year-end holiday cleaning in your home. Just give the Great Touch Cleaning team a call.  We have a variety of cleaning services available, including residential deep cleaning. Contact us to share your needs and check our schedule.
After all – you need time for FAMILY and FRIENDS!

Leave the dust to us!