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Smart Summer Party

Smart summer party planning, and free after-party cleanup tips

We all love partying with family and friends.
Nevertheless, cleaning up after a party can be demanding. That’s why this year Great Touch Cleaning, Inc. prepared: Smart Party Planning Tips and a clever After Party Cleanup List for you.

Smart Party Planning Tips

 1. Prepare the grounds.

It is summer – keep the party outdoors as much as possible. If you have a nice patio or backyard – it is THE time to use it. Spills happen. With the outdoor setting, the next rainfall will take care of the lawn and you will be able to hose off the deck. Your living room carpet – not so much.

Guests usually gather where the action is. So set up the music, food, decorations, lights, and games where you want everyone to stay. Keep the areas you want to be off-limits dark. Most guests will stay in the well-lit spaces, you may just designate a family member to keep an eye out for anyone who doesn’t.

Occasionally people will still venture inside. They’ll go to the bathroom, probably the kitchen, and maybe, you’ll have a few folks who just want to stay indoors. Discourage them by closing doors and turning off lights in any rooms where you don’t want them to go.

2. Protect the floors

Place door mats at every entrance your guests might go through so they can wipe their feet as they come in. If you have rugs in the high traffic areas consider removing them for the party.

Cleaning up food or drink stains is a pain. Especially after they set in. If you have a carpet that cannot be temporarily removed or a couch that is not easy to wipe off, you may set aside an emergency clean-up kit. A caddy with a few supplies like microfiber cloths, sponges, and stain cleaner will do. Keep them handy, so in case of emergency, you don’t need to search the house for them.

3. Choose party décor wisely

Beware of glitter or confetti! Unless you want to be still finding it through many weeks to come, you may choose to avoid it in the first place.  If you plan to use candles, avoid wax candles as well. We all love a good candle, with a nice scent. But they are best enjoyed in more private settings. For a party settle on the soothing ambiance of LED candles and the festiveness of strung lights suitable to be hung outdoors.

4. Use tablecloths and coasters

Disposable or otherwise, they are easier to clean than many surfaces. Where the tablecloths cannot be placed, put out an abundance of coasters. People will put drinks anywhere—side tables, coffee tables, bookshelves… Make sure you stack up coasters on every flat surface in rooms where guests may congregate. Hopefully, they’ll be nice enough to use them.

5. Use disposable tableware

Unless you’re throwing an elegant party, use disposable plates, cups, and even tablecloths. Worried about the environment? There are plenty of choices of eco-friendly disposable tableware on the market.

6. Prepare for dirty dishes

Even if you do decide to use disposable plates and silverware, you might still end up using some of your own dishes for serving. 

Empty your dishwasher before the party. At the party put anything that gets dirty inside for a quick run when the party’s done.

Have a dishpan or two on standby for bringing things back to the kitchen. It will spare you several trips between the party center and the sink.

7. Plan the menu

When deciding what food and drinks to serve, choose items that will be less messy. Avoid foods with tomato-based sauces that will stain easily. Remember that some fruits will leave permanent stains too. Select those that will not. And make sure that the red wine will not be poured over your newly carpeted area…

Prepare ahead of time a  storage solution for leftovers. It is summer, nothing will stay fresh for long if not in the fridge.

Clear a spot in your refrigerator and make sure to have handy containers that would serve this purpose. Instead of finding smelly scraps in the garden – you may spare yourself from cooking the next day. And, of course, some guests may also enjoy taking filled containers home as they leave.

8. Have buckets ready for recycling and trash

Label them clearly and place them near the food and drink station so that guests can use them. Make sure to put sturdy garbage bags inside, and that spare garbage bags are handy in case they get filled.

9. Tidy up during the party.

Do little things such as clearing the food station of empty dishes, wiping surfaces around the drink station, or removing empty glasses, bottles, and cans. Your tidiness will hopefully encourage your guests to also clean up after themselves.

After all, we do appreciate surroundings that display thoughtfulness and care! Even at the party.

Have a wonderful time!

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Have a beautiful summertime!