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Dry Steam Cleaning

dry steam cleaning is gentle for environment, tough on dirt and disinfecting

To keep the homes and offices clean and sanitized, people frequently use Lysol and other chemicals that often cause allergies and respiratory problems. Per special request, Great Touch Cleaning, Inc. team uses the eco-friendly EV Cleaning System that uses tap water and releases pure steam instead.

Using the power of dry steam, the EV System leaves behind just fully cleaned and sanitized surfaces, while keeping the air you breathe pure, and the environment unharmed.

Gentle on surface, powerful on dirt.

We tried the system on an oily garage floor, greasy grill and smoker, stained sink, discolored tile grout, and dusty cushions. It worked perfectly every time. The grease, dust, oily stains, water residue, mold – all gone. Effectively and almost effortlessly. Just compare the two images below!

Besides the visible results, the EV manufacturers also reassure us that each surface also gets sanitized in the process with all bacteria, mold, and dust mites removed.

dry steam cleaning presentation: before
dry steam cleaning presentation: after

Additional Disinfecting Option

While we are cautious about viruses and bacteria, the EV System can be also used with an additional disinfecting solution: a SANIX Thermo Fogger used with an EVH2O2 Silver Bio detergent.

The detergent, a combination of hydrogen peroxide and silver ions, forms an eco-friendly sterilizer that is completely safe for humans, yet powerful enough to remove viruses. The entire process can be applied without protective masks or gloves, and there is no special ventilation required afterward.

Just think what could it do to your kitchen, bathroom, and living room!…
… gym, classroom, laboratory, waiting area to your practice, or the practice itself!/

Regardless, if you are a homeowner or run a business, if it’s a personal area like your bathroom, or public area like school, shop or a fitness center – the gentle yet powerful Eve System can keep it clean and sanitary.

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