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A clean home - the best gift for the Mothers' Day

The best gift for Mother’s Day

Moms have many responsibilities.
They are the family chauffeurs, social directors, budget planners, event organizers, grocery shoppers, chefs, tutors – the list can go on.
Most of the time, they do it all with love and joy!

But there is one job every mom could part with having no regrets: the house cleaning. It is a never-ending and not very enjoyable chore.

As the Home Cleaning Professionals, we prepared for you:

OPTION 1: Use the List

How could the list help?

  • Download, print, and read carefully to recognize, appreciate, and thank your MOM for all she does to keep the home clean.
  • Commit to multiple chores by putting your name in little boxes drawn next to them.
  • Divide ALL these chores among your family members and present MOM with a promise and plan she will love.

AND …. the Great Touch Cleaning Team will keep their fingers crossed for your success!

OPTION 2: Call 847-650-1531

  • And schedule for your MOM a free cleaning estimate.

AND …. the Great Touch Cleaning Team will roll up their sleeves to perform the tasks for you!

P.S.  You could still download and print the list anyway, to appreciate the people doing the chores. Just from now on – don’t let it be your MOM!

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!