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Holiday Cleaning Tips II

Cleaning Tips For Living Room & Bedrooms

In our cleaning services, we avoid harsh chemicals, which are included in many of the manufactured cleaning products. However, since concerns about the virus are still valid we encourage frequent sanitizing.

You are welcome to hire Great Touch Cleaning, Inc. for the Big Holiday Cleaning.  Washing windows or cleaning carpets are heavy tasks that are also better left to the professionals. Nevertheless, we decided to put together a list of diy cleaning tasks that you may choose to do without the help of a professional.

Cleaning Tips For Living Room & Bedrooms

  1. DIY Sanitary Wipes. Since sanitizing turned into the daily routine lately, you may want to consider creating your own wipes. Here is how: start by collecting some small cotton rags. Then you will want to prepare; 1 cup of warm water in a jar, 1/8 cup of liquid castile soap and a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Afterwards, you soak the rags and go over your doorknobs, countertops, windowsills, light switches, etc. Once finished, the rags and jars can be washed and put away for future use.
  2. Dust-Free Lampshades. The dust gathered on the lampshade’s corners can be easily spotted if the lights are on. Vacuuming is often too harsh for the lampshades. Therefore, run a lint roller over them to remove the dust. Lastly, finish off the hard-to-reach corners with a small brush.
  3. Spotless Electronics. TV, computer’s screens, game consoles, remotes often collect a lot of dust and fingerprints. A way to get rid of them is by using a microfiber cloth. As a touch up, we recommend using an air compressor to get all the crevices clean.
  4. Polished Silver. While store-bought silver cleaners may prove to be abrasive, simple baking soda, aluminum foil, and hot water will do magic. Line a plastic bucket with foil. Sprinkle the soda powder generously on it. Pour the hot water. Then just dump your silver in. Most of the tarnish will go away by itself. Polish the stubborn spots with a sponge.
  5. Lustrous Tableware. Do you have dinnerware just for the holidays? If it’s been sitting in a cabinet for a few months – they might be covered with dust. It is a good idea to run them through a dishwasher ahead of time. You don’t need to think about this extra task while you’re trying to cook holiday meals.
  6. Dust-Free Blinds. A pair of tongs and a couple of microfiber cloths create a great tool for the job. Simply wrap a piece of cloth around each side of the tongs and secure it with rubber bands and voila!
  7. Fresh Pillowcases. Always remember to wash all the pillowcases that you sleep on regularly. Wash two pillowcases in a cycle for the machine balance and use tennis balls when placing them into the dryer. Bleach can be added to the wash for additional disinfecting or whitening. If you are expecting family members to stay overnight, it may be a good idea to buy new pillows for them.
  8. Dirt-Free Vacuum Cleaner. Does it smell when you turn it on? If so, cleaning your vacuum is a great idea. Start by taking it apart as much as you can and wash and sanitizing all the pieces. Use a seam ripper or s harp pointed scissors to get rid of all the hair that is intertwined around the brush. Once all pieces are dry, you can begin to put them back together. The air filter often needs to be replaced.
  9. Odor-Free Trash Cans. While the hot summer days are gone, there is often a smell lingering in the garage trash cans. Use the toilet cleaner and a toilet brush to scrub it. The odor should go away after cleaning.

Wishing you all a peaceful and healthy  HOLIDAY SEASON!