Great Touch Cleaning, Inc.

New Normal

Everyone is trying to figure out what the New Normal is and cope with it.  We can ease your back-to-work transition.  Some of the new standards that Great Touch Cleaning Service, Inc. has already applied are:

  • Cleaning and then sanitizing high touch points
  • NOT working if we are not entirely well
  • Helping with the Home Office setup

How could we assist you?

Are you getting ready to re-open your shop or office and it needs deep cleaning and sanitizing to begin with?  Clean premises not only eliminate contamination spread but also improve health by reducing stress.  In that sense cleaning is no longer just luxury, it became social responsibility. Was your home-office just upgraded to your regular working place? Maybe it will require special treatment from our crew? How about organizing? Please, let us know. Does your home require deep cleaning after the weeks of shelter-in-place? Maybe our ladies could be of help with some odd chores for a while? Think: ironing, pulling weeds in the garden, dusting patio furniture… you name it!  We’ll be glad to help you adjust to the new reality.